There are thousands of products on sale in a grocery store in a typical week, but grocers can only fit 150 to 200 of them into their weekly newspaper circular. As a result, an individual shopper may be interested in only a few of those products. What if you could use a shopper's purchase history to tailor a customized circular that showed her 150 to 200 sale items, coupons and personal discounts each week that are absolutely relevant to her?

For Grocers: Less Advertising Waste, Greater Loyalty

The grocery industry spent over $11 billion on the printing and distribution of traditional newspaper advertising circulars last year, and much of this enormous expenditure is acknowledged to be waste. With consumers’ continuing migration to digital resources for coupons and price information, Recoleta's Personal Grocery Circular is a powerful tool for grocers to simultaneously reduce costs and generate greater sales and loyalty.
For Consumers: Saving More Money At Their Favorite Store

According to the Food Marketing Institute's Brand & Retailer Loyalty Study, 85% of shoppers choose their grocery store on the basis of price. Using the Personal Grocery Circular, individual consumers will be made aware of lower prices on their favorite brands each and every week. It is estimated that consumers will realize an additional 10-20% in savings versus their current shopping patterns through the use of the Personal Grocery Circular.
For CPG Manufacturers: A Couponing Platform With More Engaged Users

Recoleta’s Personal Grocery Circular uses grocers’ loyalty card data to create a digital platform to retain current customers and attract new users. The key is the data mining of purchase histories to yield a customized weekly grocery circular. By surrounding targeted CPG coupons with individually-relevant sale items each week, Recoleta's Personal Grocery Circular presents CPG coupons to consumers who are especially engaged with the content.